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09 July 2005



ow I'm not stupid... I'm educated... Fairly patient... Ok, you get the picture. As you know I have my own travel agent website. If you haven't been there yet to plan your exciting vacation, then by all mean please visit. The link is right over there on the left column. Once there you can go one of two ways, the world or to my corner of the Mayan Empire in Belize. The GTI site alreadys has a module that accepts credit cards. I am now installing a credit card module on the Belize side. And I have been working on it for 24 hours now... actually 19 hours straight.

I've been losing my mind. Oh yes, I've read the instructions, well 4 pages of them anyway. But who needs 'stinkin' instructions"? I'm intelligent, I can do this! Aaaarrrggghhh... Calm down now Denny... you can do it, you're smart, you went to college...

Once again in case you missed it the first two times: Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!!

#&*@&^#^ %#)&@##!& #&##^@((( There I feel much better!

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