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21 July 2005

Beam Me Up, Scotty...


ctually, it's us beaming Scotty up as the world-known actor died the other day. Doohan, who sweated it out in the engine room of the USS Enterprise as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott on the original Trek TV series and, indeed, found himself beamed all over the world via reruns, videos and DVDs, died Wednesday at his home in Washington state. He was 85 and had been battling Alzheimer's disease and, most recently, pneumonia.

Per Doohan's request, said longtime agent Steve Stevens Sr., the sci-fi star will be cremated and his ashes launched into space by the same Houston-based aerospace company that shot the remains of Gene Roddenberry into orbit following the Star Trek creator's 1991 death. Stevens said he didn't know precisely when Doohan's outer space memorial would occur. "As soon as the next flight goes up," he said.

With Doohan's passing, the surviving original Trek crew members include: William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant Uhura) and George Takei (Lieutenant Sulu) and Walter Koenig who played Chekov. DeForest Kelley, the starship's venerable Dr. McCoy, died in 1999.

Geez, I can remember when people use to be buried normally in the ground... now they're going into space, being buried in their cadillacs, coffins with music...

Observations and Questions
Would you be buried in outer space? Above or below ground? Nice music or not? Laugh

Today's Birthday or Permanent Departure Day

In 1924 Don Knotts, born in Morgantown WV, actor (Andy Griffth Show, 3's Company) and in 1967 Basil Rathbone, Johannesburg S Africa, actor, dies at 75.

As an aside note... back when I was 4 years old I had to have a radical mastoid operation done on my ear. My parents and I were sitting in room 2 of Dr. Albert P. Seltzer's office. He was a big shot ear, nose and throat specialist in addition to a wolrd known plastic surgeon... here's where I name drop... guess who was in room 3? Yep, Basil Rathbone.... maybe he was getting a nose job.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

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