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14 July 2005

Do You Know What Today Is?


oday the country that brought us: the French kiss, French fries, French pastry, French toast and French vanilla ice cream... celebrates Bastille Day. Plus we thank Marie Antoinette who allowed her breasts to be molded into the first champagne glass. This is their holiday akin to our Independence Day. As a symbol, the French people stormed the Bastille which was a prison that housed 7 political prisoners.

And who could forget those ladies that clean our spaces, the French Maids. Those French maids have been responsible for a billion dollar business in porno. Taxable porno, I might add, that fills our coffers so we can spend it on developing a scientific study on the reproductive stages of the grasshopper.

So I say to you fellow bloggers, when you go outside today and off to work, wear that French beret with confidence. Girls puff out that chest... do it for France! Vive la France! Yawn... now if you'll excuse me I'm going back to bed to dream about all those French maids cleaning my apartment.

Observations and Questions
Have anything planned for Bastille Day festivities? BBQ?, picnic? Anything?

Special Note

I will be scarce today as I have my pre-colonoscopy meeting with an 25 year old nurse, who will explain the procedure to me in riveting detail... even though she explained it to me the last time.

Today's Birthday

Born in 1834 James Abbott McNeill Whistler, artist, (Whistler's Mother)

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

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