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23 July 2005

How Much Is A Severed...


enis worth? ... in jail-time that is... Got your attention now, huh? Well we have a case that just ended in court on Friday about a female who cut off 80% of her boyfriend's penis as he slept, according to the man.

Delmy Margoth Ruiz, 49, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after, police said, she cut off 80 percent of 35-year-old Rene Aramando Nunez's penis with a kitchen knife on Oct. 29, 2004, as he slept at a northeast Houston home he co-owned with Ruiz.

In closing arguments, the assistant district attorney tried to convince jurors that the attack was the result of a jealous rage because Ruiz suspected Nunez was cheating on her. Ruiz took the stand Thursday. The Salvadoran immigrant became emotional as she testified that she cut off Nunez's penis in self-defense. She told jurors through an interpreter that he tied her up with pantyhose and raped her, and was about to force her to perform oral sex when she grabbed a knife from the bed table and severed his organ.

"She just cut it off and threw it outside on the porch," Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Leal said. "I don't know (what happened to it). The dog must have took it or something. She said that a dog took it."

Neither the severed penis nor the knife used in the attack was ever found. Ruiz faces between two and 20 years in prison. The penalty phase of the trial began Friday afternoon.

Observations and Questions
What kind of music goes along with a severed penis story? Would you have the guts to ever do this to someone? I can't think of any other appropriate questions.

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In 1968, Stephane Seymour model (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover-1988) and in our Death Notices we have Ulysses S Grant 18th US President, dies in Mount McGregor, NY, at 63 in 1885.

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