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15 July 2005

I Love You...


ut I'm not IN love with you... What the hell does that mean? A very good close friend heard those words from his wife the other day. Apparently she has been seeing someone on the side, and not only seeing... but touchy, feely also. My friend discovered this situation a few weeks ago and has been beside himself since then. The couple have three kids, all under 10 years old. One of the little things he use to do for her is have flowers delivered from all over the world once a month to her. He constantly had the kids, watching them all the time as she worked crazy hours as a cop. He's brings home a good salary since he is in the stock market business. So money isn't the problem.

I suggested a therapy group which he joined, and he has since made an appointment with a psychiatrist. He cries everyday. They've been married about 12 years I guess. Now to make a long story short. He called this guys wife... the guys been married 2 times before and the wife has been married 3 times before. She confronts the guy and throws him out of the house. The guy then turns around and begs his wife to take him back. This wasn't known by my friends wife. So much for true love eh buddy? The wife refuses and he's out in the cold so to speak. So he's made his bed and now he has to lay in it. He's also a cop. My friend also watched the kids while wifey went to another state to "see her mother." Get the picture?

Observations and Questions
What can you say to this guy? If anything? I really feel bad about the whole thing.

Today's Birthday

Born in 1946 Linda Ronstadt Tucson Az, singer

Gentle Reminder of the Day

So excited... I got to hang another photo over in the Gallery! Welcome Zaza! Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

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