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08 July 2005



nchanted... is the translation. Sit back, relax and imagine for a few seconds, if you will... you and I are in Rome, we've decided to go to the Ristorante de Amour on the Via Venuto and our backdrop is the ancient Coliseum. The lights are low, the flickering flame from the candle on our table sparkles in your eyes, your gentle perfume completely surrounds and engulfs me. A small glow comes from the fireplace in the corner, gently warming you... you feel absolutely gorgeous... and you are... from out of nowhere you hear the melodies in the air... Innamorata. I absolutely love Italian love songs. (Sorry guys, the previous scenario only works if you're a female. Get your own fantasy. lol)

Today's music was selected because it's Jerry Vale's birthday. Now normally I am not a big fan but he deserves his dues on his birthday.

This morning when I was preparing this blog and Innamorata was playing it started me thinking as to who is my favorite opera singer. The short list includes Enrico Caruso, Mario Lanza and of course Luciano Pavarotti. And for some reason I have always drifted towards the male opera singers. Even though the women like Maria Callas sing the same exact songs, the men have that deep, booming voice that simply commands attention. Their voices roll across an audience and captivating them... almost paralyzing them... until that last note.

Also playing into the scenario is the language of course. Italian, Spanish and French, the languages of love all decended from ancient Latin. You can take the same song, translate it into English and it does not even come close to the original. There are some that can hit those high notes with such power, my blood runs cold (in a good way.)

Observations and Questions
Do you enjoy opera? or is it that you just enjoy the voices? Do you have a favorite performer? Male or Female.

Postcard of the Day

Today's postcard comes from June in Saskatchwan, Canada and depicts many of the breathtaking views. Thanks June, great card!

Today's Birthday

In 1931 Jerry Vale, singer, (Arriverderci Roma)

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

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