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20 July 2005

Just Another Day At...


urger King... well, unless it's the one my parents frequent.

Yesterday started out to be another normal day in the sleepy, little N.J. town where my parents live. Well, normal that is until my parents stopped at Burger King for lunch. Being the comedian that my father can be, he orders "2 baked potatoes and two side orders of chili... without the finger." The cashier first looked at the register, then my father and then finally got the "joke" referencing the woman who claimed she found a finger in her chili. Anyway everyone laughed... yeah my father pulled off another one. The lunch goes smoothly, they enjoyed their baked potato and chili. During lunch they said afterwards they would have to go to the place where they dropped off film of their trip to the Jersey shore and get their pictures.

Lunch is over and back into the car for the short 5 mile drive. They get to the place and start to get out of the car and my mother discovers that she doesn't have her handbag. This of course causes major concern as they search the front seat, look in the back seat and glove compartment. Where could it possibly be... they are both stymied as my mother has never left her pocketbook anywhere, ever before.

Burger King... yep, she left it there. Imagine 2 people hitting 80 years old, going slightly above the speed limit back the same 5 miles they just came and worrying about the pocketbook. Finally arriving they notice something peculiar... a rather large crowd is assembled across the small street from the Burger King and they are all staring at the Burger King... until my parents pulled into the driveway... then they fixated on my parents. They park, my father gets out of the car and looks in their direction and keeps walking and goes inside.

Once inside he thinks something may be wrong. He looks around and there are no customers enjoying their lunch of hamburgers and french fries. Another strange thing was that there were no employees either. My father, being the type of person not to get involved in things that don't concern him makes his way to the table where they sat. Sure enough the pocketbook was sitting there. He picks it up and heads back out to the car after giving the restaurant once last look-over. Hmmmm, very strange indeed. So out the door he goes... pocketbook in his hand.

Walking back to the car he glances over at the group of people. They're all still there staring at him with the pocketbook in his hands. Into the car and off they go without a care in the world.

Did you already guess the outcome of this story? LOL... apparently someone thought my mother's pocketbook was possibly a terrorist bomb... and they, along with the employees and customers cleared out awaitng the bomb squad and local police.

NOTE TO DAD I told you to becareful of the things you tell me. You never know when they'll end up as a headline on here. Laugh

Observations and Questions
Have you ever left things at a restaurant? Was it still there when you went back? Or answer any question that comes to mind as I can't think of any.

Today's Birthday or Permanent Departure Day

In 1938, Jo Ann Campbell, born Jacksonville Fla, Lawrence Welk's "champagne lady".

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