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02 July 2005



alk about nightmares! Here it is 12:30AM and I cannot go back to sleep. I woke up and tried, I really did. I finally got up. I do remember my dreams on occasion... and the one I just had was a nightmare! and I do mean nightmare.

This dream/nightmare was in beautiful color. When I dream in color, there is color and then there is COLOR. This dream was in mind-blowing living, gorgeous TECHNO-COLOR

Here goes: I dreamed that when you die and led a good life you became a beautiful fish. All kinds of fish colors: blues, greens, orange, purplish, ... every color of the rainbow and some colors we haven't even seen yet. All kinds of sizes and shapes... teeny weeny fish, small fish, large, extra large... even humoungous. But they were all happy and no fish were eating other fish. The surroundings were even more fantastic than the fish... underwater mountains, the colors you've never seen on mountains. Big beautiful trees and foliage of all kind.... plants, flowers, even the weeds looked beautiful. I can't even fully describe the place, but you kinda get the picture here. Welcome To Fish Heaven!

Even the sinners of the world were there as well, kinda sorta... Unfortunately they weren't beautiful fish. They were fish food! Yes, fish food... the beautiful fish would come along and eat the sinners aka fish food of the world. And eventually, you know what's coming, right? The beautiful fish pooped you out and you sunk to the bottom of the water. Disgusting, smelly fish poop. This is where all the little happy catfish are searching for little morsels of poop. They eat the poop and guess what? Yep, you get pooped out all over again. Then along come the glorious bottom suckers... they eat all the real junk, and then you know what happens, right? Yep... you guessed it. This process kept repeating until you were a mere little piece of poop and kept getting pooped out until you were no more. This made room for the other bad people in the world who were just starting out on their eternal voyage.

Can you guess in which group I was assigned??? Hey, don't laugh... I saw a few of you there with me... Have you ever seen the insides of fish intestine? Yuck. Coming out of the fish at the other end wasn't too pleasant either. God am I so glad I woke up in a nightmarish sweat... and I swear... I am Mr. GoodyTwoShoes from now on!

Today's Observations and Questions

I know I've kinda written about dreams before, but have you ever had a nightmare you remember to this day? Has anyone else ever dreamt they were fish? And then... have you ever dreamt you were fish poop? I know dreams are supposed to be reflections of ourselves and how we feel deep down about ourselves and life situations. But of all things why do I feel like fish shit? LOL

Today's Birthday

In 1941 Gloria Allred feminist attorney, and in 1943 Geraldo Rivera aka Gerry Rivers, nosey newsman (Geraldo).

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see and don't forget our Postcard Club!

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