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07 July 2005

So Sorry Great Britain


s you probably already have heard, there was a major set of explosions in London's Tube today and on at least one double-decker bus. What can one say at a time like this?

I know the terrorists will not succeed in disrupting liberty for all peoples of the world, it's just a shame that we have to go through this once again. I know Bush has stated to countries of the world, "you are with us or against us." I think the statement should be "you either help us find these cowards, or we will find you." And then, REALLY go after these people.... not like whatever we're doing with bin Laden and this other kook in Iraq, whatever his name is.

The time for these countries harboring and aiding these people is over. As General Santa Ana proclaimed during the seige of the Alamo in San Antonio, "No quarter"

No quarter indeed.
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