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07 July 2005

Vegas, A.C. or Indians?


in-NNAH! Bells go off, lights flash, sirens wail... the guy next to you becomes your long, lost cousin. You've just hit the jackpot in either Las Vegas, Atlantic City or one of the many Indian Reservations.

I was watching the travel channel yesterday and they had a Vegas marathon all day. They were showing you everything you wanted to know about the gambling capital of the world. So far, I have never been to Vegas or any Indian Reservation, but I did hit a slot machine in Atlantic City for $500.00 one time. Lucky for me we were walking out of the casino to go home when I threw my last pieces of change into a lonely machine by the door. Bells went off, men in dark suits came running. Laugh. As I said, we were leaving and that was good because I know I would have just given it all back.

Watching the shows yesterday I learned how the casinos make you feel comfortable with color schemes, there is nothing left to chance in that department... from the color of the rugs to the bland ceilings... the rug is too busy to look at and the ceiling is too bland... so where do you look? Straight ahead at all the gambling and happy people. If they catch someone cheating, it's not: "excuse me sir, would you come with us?" No, no... they said they want to make examples to the other possible cheaters and they go right for the jugular on the gambling floor. Grab the guy, wrestle him or her to the floor, tons of security... so everyone looks. The science is simply amazing.

Observations and Questions
Have you gone to any of these places? Have you won? Lost? If you're a big roller, what are the odds you might take me along with you next time?

Postcard of the Day

Today's postcard comes from Nori. It shows the Cape Cod National Seashore. I could see me laying out on that sand all day! Nice card Nori, thanks!

Today's Birthday

In 1923, Eduardo Falu, who you are listening to right now playing Zamba de Vargas "Spidermonkey of Vargas", born in Argentina.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

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