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19 July 2005

What A Quandry...


hich subject to write about. So what do I write about? ...the birth of Liz or death of Mary Jo? Today I was presented with two items to put on the blog today, since they both are in the Birth/Death Days below: The Hatchet Murders and/or the murder, homicidal manslaughter accidental death of Mary Jo Kopechne. I think the Mary Jo story is just way too sad to pick apart, but I did want to at least honor her memory by mentioning it here.

So let's talk about something fun. Lizzie Borden (Happy Birthday Liz) who turns 145 today totally disrupted her quaint town in Mass one day. OMG, it just hit me... Liz and Mary Jo were both from Mass. How interesting.

On the hot morning of August 4, 1892, Lizzie Borden allegedly murdered her stepmother with an ax, in the Borden's family house at No. 92 Second Street, Fall River, Massachusetts. Abby Borden's body was found between the bed and bureau, in the guest room. Ninety minutes later, she killed her father, Andrew Borden, in the same way. He was found laying with his head on the sofa arm, next to the door, in the downstairs sitting room. Lizzie was acquitted at trial due to a lack of evidence. Although ostracized by the community, Lizzie lived in the house until she died on June 1, 1927. However, now after all these years there is a belief going around that... she didn't do it. How interesting.

After Lizzie's death, the house remained a private residence for several decades before being converted into a bed and breakfast. Guests are allowed to view the murder scene and can sleep in Lizzie and her sister Emma's bedrooms, Abby & Andrew's Bedrooms or the guest Room where Abby was killed. Now really... would you not only visit the house but sleep in the same room where one of the gruesome murders took place?

Observations and Questions
Would you sleep overnight at the LB House? Does your town or city have a place where a famous "incident" took place? And finally, was Liz really innocent? and what did she do in the 90 minutes between murders?

Today's Birthday or Permanent Departure Day

Born in 1860 Lizzie Borden, alleged murderer, gave her mother forty whacks. Died in 1969 Mary Jo Kopechne, dies at 28, in Ted Kennedy's car

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

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