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18 July 2005

Where Have All...


he bloggers gone? Maybe it's just because it's summer... maybe they're all moving on... maybe I've become... gasp... boring. I can remember when there were 75 to 100 comments from people. Then overnight BANG down to 25 or 50. Are we that flighty?

I know myself I don't get around to my blogging friends as much as I should... and I hate myself for that. Maybe I've just put way to many blogs into the list over on the right... no, not the pictures I mean the other list below the pictures. It seems to me that once people get on the list, they disappear. Maybe they are just fair-weather friends... get on the list and then disappear. Now not all of them, many of them still come here and post comments.

However, there are some blogs over there that I don't even recognize... even when I go to their page. Shrug... Is it too late for spring cleaning? I just counted 70 blogs there... and maybe I faithfully try and go to 25% of them... I do remember about 3 weeks ago, going to all of them and found 7 were completely out of business. Not to make excuses but I do know part of my medical problems include forgetfulness and memory loss. I've been to some blogs and can't figure out why I would have even added them to the list. Maybe everyone is on vacation... yeah, that's it...

Observations and Questions
Do you have a list on your blog? Do you visit everyone? Or do you just keep adding more and more figuring they add your page to their list?

Today's Birthday or Permanent Departure Day

Born in 1941, Martha Reeves in Detroit Mich, singer (Martha & the Vandellas

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

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