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12 July 2005

You're Gonna Shove That Where???


ulius Caesar, Theme from Romeo and Juliet, and my colonoscopy... I ask you, where can you go and get a combination like that? Now I bet you surely didn't think you would be reading about this subject when you came here this morning? I received a letter from the VA that I am scheduled for one next week. I have a pre-whatever on Thursday of this week. I have a slight problem with colonoscopys... I did have one about 4 years ago... it was not pleasant, the actual test was ok, it's the preparations that have me upset. As you can imagine you need to take a lot of drinks, pills, etc. I'll spare you the details.

My main complaint was they gave me a gallon of terrible tasting liquid to drink... an 8 oz. glass of it every 10 minutes throughout the day before. This is HORRIBLE stuff. The actually procedure was a breeze compared to this junk. To be honest, I was awake for the whole thing and found it interesting as I could watch myself on closed circuit TV. Laugh I have talked to at least 10 people that have all told me they don't have to drink the gallon of crap. They just do pills, a little bottle of liquid... that's it! I have a whole damn drugstore to take. One person told me that things have changed in 4 years... well it better have changed. If I have to drink this stuff again I am telling the pre-colonoscopy nurse this week that I am not going through it again. Period!

Observations and Questions
Have any of you had a colonoscopy? Did you have to drink a gallon of stuff? Should I be MIA for the day?

Postcard of the Day

Today's postcard comes from the Peanut Queen again. She sent me two cards... I have to admit I am kinda partial to the bikini clad girl on her first card, but this one is nice also! Thanks Stacy!

Today's Birthday

A very Happy Imperial Birthday wish goes to my 72nd great-uncle Julius Caesar, born in Subara, Italy, Roman Emperor and brother to my 72nd great-grandmother Julia Caesaris Minor.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Come on gang... get your picture to me if you want it displayed for the world to see.

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