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04 August 2005



r nothing at all... did you guess that I have nothing for you today? If you did... you are correct and win our grand prize which will be revealed later, or next year, whichever comes first. Actually, I am perplexed... perplexed is a very subtle word to explain how I really feel... and why you ask? Well, let me tell you but try to cover the facts a little.

Let's say you have a website... now on this website you decide to do a little advertising. In order to "seed" the advertising, you give Company A and Company B a free spot to advertise... thereby giving your website the pep it needs to garner more advertising... paid advertising. Company C, D and E decide they want to do some advertising and are PAID advertisers. All of a sudden you get email from a Company F... and all they say is that they want to advertise but want the same deal as Company A and B.

Now it seems to an observer that obviously Company A or B has a big mouth and one of them must have mentioned the freebie status to Company F. This prompts several questions.

Observations and Questions
Does the owner of the website email Company A & B and tell them that one of them has a big mouth? or should the owner simply email them and tell them... "sorry, the freebe ads has to be pulled because one of you blabbed to Company F? Or in order to keep things quiet, the owner simply caves and give Company F a freebie also?

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

In 1901 Louis Armstrong, born in New Orleans, Jazz musician & bandleader, "Hello Dolly" - oldest musician in Billboard history to have a Number One song. And in 1981, Melvyn Douglas, actor, dies at 80.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Still time :) Come on, you know you wanna send in your picture.

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