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28 August 2005

The Answerman Commeth...Once Again!


es, tis I once again. My good friend and mentor, Denny Shane, has brought me out of retirement.

As you know I live in Mollytown, on the outskirts of Houston. I've been living part-time with Monique, owner of Monique's Home House Calls, Stucco Siding and now defunct shopping mall. The rest of the time I am living with LuluBell Fontaine, the twin sister of Monique. Now just because LulaBell is an out of work actress and lives with Monique doesn't mean I am living with two hot females... but anyway, you didn't come here today to hear that messy story.

Some rules: You can ask anything you want, no subject is taboo. You can send your questions to me in care of Denny Shane and he will get them to me if the carrier pigeons are still flying.

First question...

Dear Answerman: Do you think we REALLY went to the moon? And if so, why haven't we gone back with all our NEW technology since then? !!!
Signed Kathryn

Dear Awesome Novelist Kathryn:Did we go to the moon... hah! Supposedly we can get to the moon, but don't you think it's very peculiar that we haven't gone to any OTHER planets? When I watched on TV I could swear I saw a McDonald's flag on the horizon. I hope I answered your question and actually I really don't care if I didn't! lol

Next Brain Twister Question...

Dear Answerman: Why does a woodchuck chuck? Signed, PBS

Dear PBS: This is so easy... a woodchuck chucks because he or she can chuck... if you were a woodchuck, wouldn't you chuck all the time also? Boy, am I glad I spelled that right.

Moving along...

Dear Answerman: What is the story of the model for the sculpture Spirit of Ecstasy? Signed NowDanny

Dear NowDanny, Although the creation of the Spirit of Ecstacy is well documented, the name of the model who inspired Charles Sykes to create it is still a mystery. In creating the figure, Charles Sykes had in mind "the spirit of ecstasy, who has selected road travel as her supreme delight and has alighted on the prow of a Rolls-Royce car to revel in the freshness of the air and the musical sound of her fluttering draperies".

Circumstantial evidence suggests that the model who inspired Sykes was Eleanor Velasco Thornton, Claude Johnson's former secretary at the Automobile Club. Eleanor had posed for many of Charles' creations and was undoubtedly his favorite model in the early years of the 20th century. Sadly Eleanor did not live to tell later generations about her life among the artists, aristocrats and writers of Edwardian and pre-First World War London; she was drowned in 1915 when the ship on which she was traveling through the Mediterranean was torpedoed by a U-boat.

And Finally... I Never Thought I'd See The End...

Dear Answerman: I have a question for you. Why does everyone pretend that they don't blog nekked when we all know we do? Signed Caribbean Colors

Dear CC, I know CC, I know... it's disgusting, I mean that they don't admit it. I think all naked bloggers should send me their pictures to prove they blog naked. And then I want to know if all naked bloggers have cameras hooked up to their computers. And then I want to know what time they're all on. And then I want to know where they go on cam while they are naked. And then I want to know what they do while on camera naked while blogging. Am I asking too many questions here? lol

Well thank you folks for trying to trip up The ole Answerman...which none of you succeeded in doing this week. Stay tuned because I'll be Cometh again next Sunday.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Still time :) Come on, you know you wanna send in your picture.


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