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20 August 2005

At Some Point Today...


he Not So Normal News will host its' 30,000th visitor to this blog. At present, at 5:18AM I noticed there have been 29,973 visitors to my little humble blog. Amazing. And thank you to all the diehard visitors that keep coming back. I enjoy reading your comments. If you happen to be the 30,000th, let us know... mention in it in the coments section. You can find the visitor counter on the left side at the very bottom of this page.

The busiest day so far was on 22 March 2005 when 338 visitors came in here to read my blog. Anyway...

I wish I had a really great blog entry to commemorate this event but I don't. The only reason why I even mentioned the 30,000th entry is because I have nothing to write about today and I was grasping at straws. Yesterday I had a really good item to write about today but can't remember what the heck it was now.

Observations and Questions
So if you were or had been the 30,000th visitor to my blog, what kind of prize would you have really liked? Not that you're getting anything. Laugh. Actually, if you're reading this right now and before you leave a comment, hurry down the left side and see what number visitor you are and then leave it in the comments section. Boy, do we know how to have fun? Hello?

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

In 1921, Jacqueline Susann, Phila Pa, author (Valley of the Dolls). And rounding out the death notices is Leon Trotsky, who in 1940 was icepicked by Frank Jackson.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Still time :) Come on, you know you wanna send in your picture.

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