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30 August 2005

Counting Sheep: 786,787,788..


eez, last night I had a terrible time sleeping... or should I say trying to sleep. I was stretched out on the sofa, watching TV and I could feel myself slipping away to go visit Mr. Sandman. So I decided to hit the sack... it was about 10 PM. Got into bed, and began tossing and turning. 10:30, 10:45... finally I must have drifted off and then the next thing I knew it was midnight. Rolled over... opened my eyes 1:45 AM... Are you catching on how my night went? This went on until the last time I remembered looking at the clock... 2:15AM... I gave up and got out of bed. I figured I'd screw around until I fell asleep in my tracks.

Well, here it is 4:45AM and I haven't gone back yet and at this point there's no use to trying, since I have to be at the hospital by 8AM for some testing. Going to the hospital isn't why I kept waking up, as it's simply a routine visit... so no worries there. In all fairness, I do normally wake up to go to the bathroom, which I never did in my younger days... but now it's a normal routine and usually go right back to sleep. Well, after my "now this isn't gonna hurt" visit, I'll be back. Have a good day!

Observations and Questions
Do you have any problems either falling asleep or staying asleep?

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

Way back in 1797, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, born in London, England, author of Frankenstein. So sad, another bright star cut short... in 30 BC, Cleopatra VII, most famous queen of Egypt, commits suicide by having an Asp bite her.

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