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11 August 2005

Just When I Thought It Was Safe...


o watch the news again, the first story I hear is that Dana Reeve, wife of Superman, Christopher Reeve, now admits she has lung cancer. And no, she never smoked either. One in five women diagnosed with lung cancer have never lit up a cigarette. Dana never smoked.

But non-smokers like Dana Reeve, who tend to contract the disease due to genetic factors, often respond better to new cancer drugs and also have a lower risk of developing a second tumor than smokers.

I try and limit myself to one sad story a week, but this one just totally caught me off guard. You always hear that if a non-smoker has lung cancer it was 2nd hand smoke that caused it. This is the very first time I have ever heard anyone say it was because of genetic factors and not from smoking or 2nd hand smoke.

Well, while I am on the lung cancer soap box, Bel Geddes, a quiet, but formidable presence as Ellie Southworth Ewing Farlow, the matriarch of TV's dominant prime-time soap of the 1980s, died Monday of lung cancer at her home in Maine. She was 82.

And since I am on the "death" subject, Matthew McGrory, the deep-voiced 7-foot-plus actor, a gentle giant in the movie "Big Fish," has died. He was 32. McGrory, who had size 29 1/2 shoes, had received attention from the national media even before he became an actor. He attended law school and showed up in music videos before starting his career in Hollywood B-movies. He died of apparent natural causes, police said. Natural causes? Sheesh... at least it wasn't lung cancer.

Observations and Questions
That's it for today's news. I thnk I am going back to bed and hopfully will wake up to better news.

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

In 1953, Hulk Hogan [Terry Bollea], Ga, WWF heavyweight champion (1984-89). And in our death notices for the day, 1988, Jean-Pierre Ponnele, opera director (Carmina Burana), dies at 56.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

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