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19 August 2005

Kelly Monaco Doesn't Fake It...


ndeniably, a real beauty in every sense of the world, Kelly is a fellow Philadelphian... good Lord what cheesesteaks, hoagies and pretzels can do to a girl. While I could talk for hours on her Playboy Playmate April, 1997 appearance for hours... this is about her tempest dancing in the hit TV show "Dancing with the Stars". No, this blog entry for today shows that not only can controversy be good for business, sometimes it can inspire a two-part special. If you missed this show, which was the summer's best offering that pitted professionals with a celebrity partner. I really wasn't interested until I found out that the real, true love of my life, Kelly, was dancing.

Even though Kelly was simply unbelievable in her Playboy appearance she is better known for her daytime soap opera exploits on General Hospital and her prior role in Port Charles. Don't think I am a soap opera devotee based on the previous statement. I just know she was in those shows. Ok, I admit it, I watched them sparsely... does sparsely also mean a lot? I think so. Anyway...

Monaco, the daytime soap star, took the first round against John O'Hurley, the former Seinfeld player, back on July 6 when she and professional dance partner Alec Mazo were named champs of the six-week made-for-TV contest.

Coming in the wake of early shaky efforts, Monaco's win was greeted with suspicion by O'Hurley die-hards who thought the show's elder statesman had samba-d circles around the competition with the help of partner Charlotte Jorgensen. One conspiracy theory had ABC plotting to put Monaco on top in the name of corporate synergy.

The newly sure-footed Monaco, meanwhile, refused to be tripped up by talk that she didn't earn her victory, and welcomed a rematch. "Bring it on," the actress said at the ABC press conference last month. "You want a dance-off, come on up here. I'll give you a dance-off." You go girl!!

In its inaugural run, summer's biggest TV hit aired once a week, for six consecutive weeks, starting June 1. One dance team was eliminated at the end of each episode, except the first episode, on account of no team got eliminated until a lousy performance was at least one week old.!!.

So now there is a rematch of sorts between the couples, to fend off any accusations that Kelly was picked because of her affiliations to the network showing the competition, ABC.

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