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10 August 2005

My Very Own SIM ...


haracter! Yes, I now have my very own SIMS character fashioned after myself. Several months ago I was asked if I wanted a SIM character patterned after me... looks, likes, dislikes, etc. Sure, why not... I've got to go down into history as something. Viola! So it might as well be a SIMS person. Just too funny. So the next time you are playing SIMS and if you see me you can shout, "Hey, I know that guy!" Laugh.

Denny Shane arrives in style!

And it might surprise a few to realize it was the butterfly in the garden that convinced him to settle in...

Or perhaps it was the pool [who knew such an older gent would be so darned flexible!]

Of course, all that high diving, flipping and spinning makes man hungry...

... and it just might have been this tempting view from the front window...

...that attracted Coral and Monty.

Of course, Denny wasn't too happy to find that Coral wasn't so interested in a swim, but rather...

... she wanted to chat in front of the television about medical issues [maybe that's just something old folks do a lot of because it's all Coral seemed to want to talk about].

So much so that it puts Denny right to sleep!

Meeting Rhodent the next day seemed to go much better. Perhaps Denny is a man with the eye for the young ladies...

He chats with Rhodent well into the night....

And into the morning! [Poor Denny, he's getting a bit old to be staying up with the young ladies all night... ]

After getting in a quick nap, Denny finds Coral has returned with a young [and pregnant] friend.

It surprises the Goddess to see Denny turn out to be quite the vicious gossip... but it seems to amuse Coral to no end. Must be something the older folks like to do - talking trash about those young whipper-snappers.

After Coral and friend make their exit, Denny spends a bit of time alone honing his chess skills...

...and attempting to do a bit of stargazing - which much to the surprise of Denny's Goddess, turns into an alien abduction!!!

It's a rather quick spin around the neighborhood before the aliens spit Denny back out onto his front lawn. Perhaps they didn't want the ladies to be without their new man about town... or he just wasn't the young lab specimen they were looking for.

Observations and Questions
What can I say? Except "thank you" to Plain Jane from Adventures in Cyberia. The only critism I have is that I am not quite that old looking. Laugh.

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

In 1928, Eddie Fisher, born in Phila. Pa., singer (Oh My Papa, Lady of Spain)and ex-hubbie of Debbie Reynolds and Liz Taylor. And in the death notices, who could forget the old woman in the "Where's the Beef?" commercials? In 1987, Clara Peller, actress, (Where's the Beef), dies at 86.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Hey... come on now... who hasn't sent their picture in yet?

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