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26 August 2005

Pieta - A Work of..


ompassion. And actually that is what Pieta means in Italian... compassion. I suspect everyone reading this has seen the Pieta in either person or pictures or illustrations. And why am I writing about the Pieta? Well, I don't have a clue. Maybe it's because on this day Michaelangelo was commissioned to make the statue. I happened to notice that it was on this day, in 1498 that Michaelangelo was commissioned to sculpt the Pieta. We all know that this statue sits in the Vatican in Rome... however, I bet the majority of us don't know why it was created?

Michaelangelo actually created this statue for the funeral monument of French Cardinal Jean de Billheres. However, Pope Alexander VI had it installed in the first chapel on the right as one enters the basilica, in the 18th century. Ummmm sorry there Jean we need your tombstone. The Pieta's first home was the Chapel of Santa Petronilla, a Roman mausoleum near the south transept of St. Peter's, which the Cardinal chose as his funerary chapel. The chapel was later demolished by Bramante during his rebuilding of the basilica.

Now I bet y'all didn't know this... shortly after the installation of his Pieta Michelangelo overheard someone remark that it was the work of the inferior sculptor Cristoforo Solari. In a huge fit of rage, Michelangelo carved "MICHAELA GELUS BONAROTUS FLORENTINUS FACIEBAT - Michelangelo Buonarroti, Florentine, made this" on the sash running across Mary's breast. He later regretted his outburst of pride and swore to never sign another work of his hands. Sorry to laugh here but I think this is a riot. Not to mean I am laughing at Michaelangelo, but the fact that he couldn't just carve his initials MB... instead he wrote out a whole sentence and more on the statue.

When I was in Rome I had the opportunity to actually touch the statue, run my hand across the bodies... the thing that amazed me was the smootheness of the statue... very, very smooth to the touch. Afterwards some guy attacked the statue with a hammer while shouting, "I'm Jesus Christ" The extensive damage was repaired and then put behind barrier so you couldn't touch it anymore.

Observations and Questions
Have you ever had the opportunity to actually see a real sculpture of anything? What was it? It doesn't have to even be famous.

This Is Amazing Department

I did this and was stunned....

1. Open up a blank Word document.
2. Type in Q33 NY in "capitals". (This is the flight number of the 1st
plane to hit the World Trade Center).
3. Highlight it.
4. Change the font size to 48.
5. Change the actual font to wingdings (#1).

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

In 1981 Macauley Culkin actor (Home Alone, My Girl). And in the death notices we find in 1974, Charles Lindbergh dies at 72, in his Hawaiian home.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Still time :) Come on, you know you wanna send in your picture.

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