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29 August 2005

Sono venuto, ho visto, Roma ha conquistato


came, I saw, Rome conquered. Senatus Populus que Romanus. The Senate and People of Rome. Never in a thousand years could I ever properly give justice to this magnificent city. Think of every single word you could come up with to describe beauty, regalness, enchanting and you would still not even come close to Rome. It is over-flowing with history, art, gold... I've never experienced anything like it before in my life.

Where to even begin... I checked into my hotel, the Hotel Savoy on the Via Venuto. Very little strikes me anymore in this world, but Rome repeatedly strikes me dumb and speechless everytime. This was 1987 and my 3rd trip to the Eternal City. If you EVER take a trip anywhere in this world, make sure it's Rome. You won't be disappointed. I'll never, ever be able to describe this city. As you stand in the Forum and all around, you are engulfed in history... the power, the beauty, the raw personalities that is and was Rome. As I walked the streets in and around the forum, the Caesars were all around me. I could see them standing there, great orators all...

First stop on my tour of a lifetime was Vatican City. As I was typing the previous sentence I thought to myself "Denny, you're an idiot - You can't possibly put Rome into such a small space. What will you include and what leave out?" The pictures you see on TV certainly doesn't do the Vatican any justice at all... period. It's MASSIVE... a marble wonder... you don't even have to be Roman Catholic for your mouth and jaw to drop open.

Vatican City is the smallest independent state or country in the world. The Vatican is home to St. Peter's, the largest basilica in the world, and to a museum containing some of the greatest pieces of art know to man. I debated about putting my photos on here, but you've basically seen them, maybe not mine, but what they are pictures of... and I really don't want to take up precious space... The magnitude of the place takes you over. Laugh... I just get done writing the previous sentence about not putting pictures here and what's the very first thing I do? Laugh

When you walk into the basilica one of the first things I noticed was the anti-rooms on each side which had small altars, final resting place for saints.

One of the tombs I came across was that of Raphael, arguably the most famous name in the history of painting. In a way I guess I was taken aback at the simplicity of the tomb. I thought for Raphael, it would be huge and more massive, but then quickly realized the tomb was in quite an elaborate place. He couldn't have picked a better place.

I walked around and saw what I thought were simply amazing things, like the statue of Saint Peter where everyone touches his big toe for good luck... his chair, which holds a place of honor on the main altar and Bernini's awesome columns.

One of the next places inside the Vatican that I knew I HAD to see was the Sistine Chapel. This place simply blew me away. I don't think their is a mille-inch of empty space...

I think Michelangelo managed to paint every available spot in the room. You could absolutely overdose on the beauty. A little unknown fact but on the one painting at the far end, in the corner of the painting, as if standing there watching the goings-on is a self portrait of Michelangelo.

I hate to do this but realized how much space this series is going to take. I've got a full page and haven't even gotten to the part where I disobeyed the sign in Italian that said: "NON ENTRARE"... yes, No Entrance. Hey, it should have been in English. How was I suppose to know at that time you weren't allowed down there? Stay tuned for next week's entry...

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