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24 August 2005

Your Thoughts..


ave I read this book? Yes, I've read it twice. The second time was to read and catch whatever I missed the first time around, plus for some reason I couldn't get through the first read. After reading it the second time, I was hooked. Then I took it a step further and bought the CD of the book and listened to it. I actually got 2 perspectives from it, reading vs listening.

Mixed with fact and fiction, Dan Brown has certainly created an uproar of sorts with many of his allegations, etc. in this book. But many of these allegations have deep roots and go back a long time before the DaVinci Code hit the stores.

Back in 381, the Council of Constantinople was called and was represented by religious and theologians from around the world. Constantine, emperor of Rome and Pope Sylvester I (314-35) called the council because there were just way too many different beliefs in the Church. The basis of this council was to streamline the Church throughout the world. One of the subjects discussed was the divinity of Jesus Christ... man or God... One of the arguements was did Jesus actually survive the crucifixtion... and I am not even going to go into that portion.

Observations and Questions
My question is have you read the book? Will you see the movie? Why and why not? Your thoughts?

Also, I absolutely love this music and it's in my top 5 movie scores of all time. There are times when I really, really like the sounds of Enigma, flowing throughout the room... particularly the bedroom. Lights out, Enigma on 5 speakers slowly taking me out of consciousness... then there are times when I enjoy a knocked down, dragged out, high soaring movie theme such as Exodus... and you?

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

In 1924, Louis Teicher, pianist, (Ferrante & Teicher-Exodus). And in the death notices we honor Bernard Castro, invented and patented convertible couch, dies at 87 in 1991.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Still time :) Come on, you know you wanna send in your picture.

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