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27 September 2005

Conversation With My Daughters...


hen I picked up my two daughters yesterday to go to the movies... the conversation we had was the very last thing I ever thought we would be having. First of all, they were off yesterday and today due to the hurricane.

Anyway, the 10 minute ride to the movie seemed to turn into an eternity. We were riding along and the girls, O, age 8 and N, age 6, were talking in the back seat and I really wasn't paying much attention.... until, they got me involved... And it went like this:

N: I think it goes back up.
O: No, it falls off

N: The doctor lifts the baby up and looks under the legs to see.
O: No they don't. They put the baby on a machine and the machine tells the
nurse if it's a boy or girl.

O: Then if it's a boy, after awhile, it just falls off.
N: No I don't think so... I think it goes back up and stays up.

At this point I thought to myself, Please God, please don't get me involved in this conversation... I'll do anything for you.

O: Dad? when a boy baby is born, what happens to its' 'thing'?
N: Yeah Dad, its' pee-pee thing?
M: Ummm... it doesn't fall off and it doesn't go back up.

O & N: What? It stays there?
M: Yes. I wonder if we'll get to the movie before it starts.

O: Does that mean boys always have a thing?
M: (Breaking out in a sweat): Yes, boys always have a thing

N: So do you have a thing?
M: (God, why, WHY do you constantly do these things to me?
It's not funny) Yes, I have a thing.

O and N: You do??? (Quiet shock.)

End of conversation. I can almost imagine the conversation at the next recess in school.

Observations and Questions
Soooooooooo.... you parents out there... any comments? And for singles... how did you find out boys were different than girls?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1926, Jayne Meadows, born in Wu Chang China, aka Mrs Steve Allen. And in the death notices we have in 1965, Harry Reser, orchestra leader (Sammy Kaye Show), dies at 69.

Art Gallery Notice!
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