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28 September 2005

I Got Email From A ...


scort Service yesterday. It was a very nice email telling me that April had visited my blog here and she thought it was very exciting AND she wanted to link to it, if I linked back to her blog. She even provided her blog address for me to check her blog out. GASP!

Interesting to say the least. There were also links to other Escort Services. I started checking them out. Yes, I'm a perv. LOL... The more I checked the more amazed I was... especially with the ummmm rates.

For Manhatten (2 hour minimum): $900.
Dinner Date Package: $1200.
Dinner Date and Show: $1500.
Day Package: $1700 - $3000.

Travel Rate (more than 30 minutes outside of NYC): $1200. - $3000.

Travel Rate within the US: 1 Day Overnight: $3000. - $6000.
3 Days: $10,000. and for 7 Days: $20,000. These rates did not include Travel Expenses.

Maybe I need to get out into the blog world more often but there were hundreds of these blogs out there. I was absolutely amazed. First of all who could possibly afford these rates? That is why I have decided to start my own escort service! I've been looking for a little sideline and this is too good to be true. My rates are as follows:

For Houston only: 1 Hour minimum: At my age an hour is tops: $25.00
Dinner Date: And I get a free dinner also?? $30.00
Dinner Date and Show: Does it get any better than this: Free!
Note: Females only... sorry guys but I'm not that deparate yet.

Observations and Questions
I can't think of one single question to ask about this. Say whatever you want. LOL

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1934 Brigitte Bardot, Paris France, sex kitten (And God Created Women) and in the death notices we find in 1978 Pope John Paul I, 65-yr-old found dead, after only 33 days as Pope. I still don't believe he died of natural causes.

Art Gallery Notice!
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