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14 September 2005

It's True, I Brake For..


emeteries. Old, new, ancient... the cities of the dead are very interesting and I haven't seen one that I didn't like. If I'm in a city where I haven't been before and I spot an interesting looking cemetery, I'll always pop in to take a peek. When I lived in Philly, I was even on the board of trustees for a cemetery and wrote a book about it.

The Kensington Burial Grounds founded in 1732 and is the oldest, still active cemetery in the entire United States...

One of the really neat things about this cemetery is years ago they discovered that the soil in one part of the cemetery was unique and different from the rest of the cemetery... they asked permission to dig up a grave and examine the remains.

When they did, they were shocked. The body was of a soldier... civil war I think. Because of this soil, his body was preserved... uniform, perfect... buttons, perfect... Pretty neat.

To be buried at Palmer you must be a resident of an area in Philly called Fishtown. And believe it or not, it's free. The only thing you pay for is the opening of the grave. Unbelievable.

My grandmother, two uncles and a cousin are there... and one of the readers of this blog, Barb has relatives including her grandfather.

It's an amazing place and has been on some TV shows and in a few movies when they needed a creepy cemetery.

(Geez,I have to stop here for a minute. It's taken me probably 45 minutes to try and get these tombstone pictures lined up. Now I'm sorry I even started this article. Laugh)


Over on the right, we have one of the first tombstones I took a picture of, and that being William Bonney... better known as Billy the Kid. This picture was taken while I was driving through New Mexico many years ago and I came across the Old Fort Sumner Cemetery in DeBaco County.

The next one down is Buddy Holly in the City of Lubbock Cemetery, in Lubbock, Texas. For some reason I kinda knew this one would be small and modest. I think it fitted his personality.

Doesn't the next one seem to befit Howard Hughes? This is an old cemetery and not in a nice neighborhood of Houston. The Glenwood Cemetery is an old, seen better days type cemetery in Houston.

What a huge disappointment was Bela Lugosi's. I'm not sure what I was expecting to see... maybe an elaborate, gothic mausoleum or something... in actuality he died pretty much penniless.

Another one of my favorites in Baltimore, MD is Edgar Allen Poe. Baltimore claims him but we all know he lived and resided in Philly while he wrote some of his best stories. Everytime I go home to Philly I always stop by his house at 3rd and Spring Garden and go inside.

Then finally we have the "law west of the Pecos" himself... Judge Roy Bean. His bar/court room still stands today in Langtry even though the honorable judge is buried in Del Rio, Texas...

Observations and Questions
Am I glad this article is over with... it only took me an hour and a half to do it, over and over and over. So seen any famous dead people and their final resting place? Do you like cemeteries?

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

Born today in 1908, Clayton Moore, Chicago Ill, actor, the one and only true Lone Ranger. And in the tragic death notices we have, former Philadelphian and cheese steak lover, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, dies at 52 in a car crash in 1982.

Let's Go People!

Come on now... you have been thinking about sending me a picture for the wall, right? What are you waiting for?

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