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20 September 2005



hat a day! And it's hardy over yet...

I guess you noticed that I hadn't responded to any of the comments yesterday... I have an excuse, honest. My computer crashed, kinda/sorta, and is STILL acting like it has a mind of it's own.

My first indication was the machine wouldn't turn on... I'd hit the button and it was getting hung up on the opening screen. Shut it off, started it again... It went a bit further and got to the opening screen, then nothing. I had cursor action but no Start button. I waited and waited, it never came on. Shut it off and re-started... nothing... For some reason I thought it was my monitor. So to make a really long story, short... I went an bought a new mega-screen monitor. Hooked it up and turned on the machine. Viola! Everything worked fine and I even got to answer a posting or two here, then mid-post everything froze.

Off and on went the machine... nothing... So I figured maybe I need a new computer, so off I went and bought a new one. Hooked it all up, and I get nothing. The new one won't even give me a splash screen. I could feel my blood pressure rising. I am getting really pissed now. I unhook everything and go back to the old computer... still acting up.

Fast forward to this morning about 4AM... I turn on the old machine, just for laughs... nothing. I hook up the new computer and put it side by side with the old one. I try using a combo and plug different things into each computer... nada... Disconnect the new computer, give the old one a try... viola! Here I am, and I don't know why.

I'm not going to be around today as I am going to spend the next few hours copying important files from this machine to a CD... then take the new computer back and go to a different store to look for a new new computer, different brand and see what happens. So if I don't answer your messages on Halscan you'll know why.

Observations and Questions
I have nothing to say... talk amongst yourselves but come back and who knows where I'll be or if I've resolved my problems.

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In 357 BC, Alexander III the Great, King of Macedonia and Emperor. Death notices include in 1973, Jim Croce singer/songwriter (Time In A Bottle, Bad Bad Leroy Brown), dies in a plane crash at 30.

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