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09 September 2005

Only in America..


an we spend upwards of 80 billion dollars... let me rephrase that... EIGHTY BILLION DOLLARS... that's "illion" with a capital "B" $80,000,000,000.00 Did I miss a zero there? I could sit here and say it in a dozen foreign languages and it all comes out the same: "bullshit". I really would love to see, exactly, what 80 billion dollars has bought for the victims of Katrina. This does not include the million dollars a pop that some stars have donated...

I watched the news last night and while showing scenes of the different stars at the Astrodome, looking pathetic for the TV cameras and handing over checks for a million, they interviewed one elderly black woman. The reporter asked her "wasn't it nice of "so and so" to come down and donate a million? did you get to meet them?"

The elderly woman looked at the reporter and said, "I don't need to go shake their hands... what I need is a home for my grandchildren." Now, keep that scene in your mind.

I flip over to Dr. Phil. He's talking to a black fella that has been looking for his wife and 4 kids since the day the hurricane hit. He's hoping they are alive but he doesn't know. Dr. Phil goes through the usual "what would you tell them if they were here right now?" What a dumb-ass damn question. Anyway, the guy tells them he loves them, etc. And with that they walk out on stage and the man nearly collapses. To make a long story short, we in Houston have a guy who runs a furniture store and by all accounts is extremely wealthy. He donates to this family a paid in full condominium, he also buys the family a brand new car... AND gives the guy a job in his furniture store. Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping people... my mind flashed back to the elderly grandmom hoping she can find a house for her grandchildren... not for HER mind you... but for her grandchildren.

Another news clip: "I lost hundreds of my friends in Biloxi alone and nothing ain't going to bring them back to me," said a tearful Virginia McGown as she prepared to go to bed on her front lawn.

As I was down around the Astrodome complex yesterday, I saw a woman walking up the street towards another friend. This woman was waving a card in her hand, walking away from the Astrodome. She was waving it, doing a little jig as she walked and laughing. I had two thoughts... I'm glad she got help... 2nd thought: why do I have this feeling she just scammed the system and actually lives right here in Houston?

Now we have whites arguing against blacks and visa versa that the whole relief effort is racially motivated... we have movie stars handing out money like candy on Halloween, but only when the camera crew is all prepared and lights are on... the Republicans and the Democrats are starting to throw mud and pointing fingers... the Governor of Louisianna and the Mayor of New Orleans pointing fingers at everyone but themselves... All of these people finger-pointing has me wondering just why do I have only 5 on each hand and they have a gadzillion?

EIGHTY BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS..... All this while we have one of our countries major cities sittin' in ruins... I wish I were sittin' on the dock of the bay right now.

Observations and Questions
Anyone want to join me on the dock in that bay?

Please God, I Need a Joke Today Department

The famous Olympic skier Picabo Street (pronounced
Peek-A-Boo) is not just an athlete....she is now a nurse
currently working at the Intensive Care Unit of a large
metropolitan hospital. She is not permitted to answer the
hospital telephones. It caused too much confusion when she
would answer the phone and say:

Picabo, ICU.

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

Born today in 1941, Otis Redding, Georgia, rocker, (Sitting on the Dock of the Bay) and another birthday is our old friend Captain Bligh, born in 1754, somewhere, He was the nasty ship's captain of the HMS Bounty. And in our death notices we have 2 world figures: In 1087, William I The Conqueror, King of England, & Duke of Normandy and on the other side of the world in 1976, Mao Tse-Tung Chinese communist party chairman (1949-76), dies at 82.

Gentle Reminder of the Day

Many thanks to Deni Bonet for sending in her picture! And Deni, good luck and have fun on your 3 week vacation to Egypt! C'mon now, get yours in before I run out of room!

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