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15 September 2005

So Many Blog Ideas...


nfortunately, none of them are in my head. I woke up this morning at 2:30AM... made my coffee and logged on all full of vim and vigor. There was a small idea and I began chanting: "Squeeze it out! Squeeze it out! WWWAAAYYYY out!" Ugh... nothing... I sat and stared at my blank blogger screen for a few minutes. It was gone... that great blog idea... gone.

So, I did the next best thing... I searched the web... for some ideas... that I could steal... I searched and searched. Well, here it is 4:36AM and guess what... now I am writing about writing nothing. I don't know why this happens. I'm an intelligent person, my head is full of things... well, again unfortunately, I probably can't write about half the stuff. I'd lose my PG rating... I wonder if I could attract more people with my R rated thoughts though?

I read this mornings headlines looking for something interesting to write about: "Suicide kills nine in Irag", Hurricane Ophelia pummels North Carolina", "Delta and Northwest file Chapter 11", "Catholic probe to look at gays in Seminary" Geez, already I know I'm in trouble here... The last item makes me laugh. Being Catholic myself I realized that it wouldn't take a bunch of Catholic investigators from the Vatican to figure this out. This panel will be visiting 229 seminaries to see if there is any homosexuality going on... oh give me a break. I can just see it now at dinner, "ok, tomorrow the Vatican panel is arriving, please act straight"

Two questions make me laugh that will be asked:

"Is there evidence of homosexuality in the seminary? (This question must be answered)." The second question asks whether faculty members "watch out for signs of particular friendships," the newspaper said. The Vatican ruling on whether homosexuals should be barred from the priesthood will be announced at a future date. And they just have tons and tons of straight guys and females just tripping over each other to get in, right?

When I was 9 or 10ish, I wanted to be a priest... honest. See proof in picture on right. I only got as far as altar boy. Then when I became a teenager and discovered girls had boobs, I re-evaluated my life.

Let's move on shall we... I could get excommunicated if I continue. I knew I shouldn't have looked at the newspaper this morning.

This next item cheered me up...

A local headline this morning says: "Evacuees Get Incentives to Move Out of Shelters" The displaced people from the hurricane regions are being ummm "bribed" to move out. They are being offered everything from the mattress they have slept on while a guest in Houston to extra cards for food and clothing. By the way one store at Houston's premiere shopping mall, The Galleria, reported that one evacuee was there and purchased a $250.00 bracelet on the emergency food and clothing card. I am so glad my tax dollars are being so well spent.

Morning Prayers
Dear God... please forgive me once again. I was only trying to be humorous in my writings above. Kinda just like when I was in politics and use to pray every night that you would smite the Democrats. And by the way, I know all priests and nuns are not gay... just some. Thanks for understanding, From Little Denny Shane.

Observations and Questions
Anyone have anything to say out there? PUH-lease!!

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

Born today in 1890, Dame Agatha Christie, mystery writer (Murder on the Orient Express). And in our death notices we find in 1983, Willie Bobo jazz drummer, dies at 49.

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