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23 September 2005

Still Here...


am so dedicated to my blog I am staying here, braving the hurricane just to make sure my blog is nice and fresh for you....

Yeah, right. Had I continued yesterday, instead of turning around... I would be one of the motorists you're reading about who had run out of gas and now clogging the highways. It is a total mess here... There are thousands of cars out of gas, broken down or people just tired of stop and start driving... some of these people have been driving for 24 hours. It's unbelievable... The major problem is all of the "road improvements" with torn up highways being repaved, barricades, re-routing, etc. At one point late last night cars decided on their own to cut over onto southbounds lanes and take it upon themselves to make those lanes northbound... and quite frankly they did what the state was failing to do.

The city has gas trucks out filling up cars that are out of gas, even though the news channel are saying they haven't seen any of these "magical" gas trucks. Shrug.

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