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06 September 2005

Summer's Gone..


s a kid, one of my least favorite holidays, if not the most hated, was always Labor Day. Why? Ask any school aged kid... it marks the end of summer. Those carefree days of fun, the Jersey shore, and just generally goofing off. If it was Labor Day, then school started next week in Philly. Ugh.

Here in this picture we see little Denny Shane praying before going to bed. Little Denny is praying for a good year in school... no, no now... I didn't say a productive, good grades type year. At this age there were more important things on my mind. What horrible nun I was going to have... would I see my same friends from last year? What cute girls were starting to wear a bra? And would I have a girlfriend this year?

I even devised a cute little trick to find out which girl was wearing a bra. I'd ask the girl if she wanted to see a neat trick... when she said "yes" I put my thumb at the base of her back and ran it all the way up to her neck... if I hit a "speed bump" along the way, then she had definitely matured over the summer. Yes, I know... your thinking how pathetic. But not nearly as pathetic as the next story:

I was walking into the school-yard and one of the cutest girls in my class, Cassie F. came up to me and asked if I wanted to read a joke. I said, "sure"... she handed me a piece of paper to read, and then she said: "you're gonna shit yourself" I thought, "OMG... she said 'shit'" I don't remember what the joke was now, all I knew then was that Cassie F. went right to the top of my "fun girls" list. See, I told ya... pathetic.

Speaking of what nun I was getting... I prayed every night that it wouldn't be Sister D... I'm not typing the rest of her name in case she's out there reading my blog. She should be about 108 years old now, but I know she's out there looking for me.

Back then, all the guys in the know... KNEW that when a girl went into the convent, she had to have her breasts removed. Yes, sad but true, that's what we simpletons thought. And Sister D was proof. She had -A cups... nothing... zilch... she just confirmed what we already believed. They had their breasts cut off and there were 2 bandaids on each area where they use to be.

Is it no wonder I see a psychiatrist at the VA hospital once a month? This Dr. thinks I make this stuff up. She's lucky I haven't gotten to the good stuff yet. LOL

Ah yes, school days at Nativity School... good times, good memories... hey! any girls wanna see a neat trick?

Observations and Questions
Got any school days memories that you can share? Oh come on, you gotta have at least one...

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

Born today in 1947, Jane Curtin, Cambridge Mass, actress (SNL, Allie Lowell-Kate & Allie) and in the dusty death notices we find in 1901, President William McKinley, assassinated by Leon Czologosz in Buffalo, NY.

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Thanks to Lois Lane for sending her picture for our wall. Great pic Lois!! C'mon now, get yours in before I run out of room!

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