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02 September 2005

There's Always a..


ownside to everything... and hurricane Katrina is no exception. Ragtag armies of the desperate and hungry begged for help, corpses rotted along flooded sidewalks and bands of armed thugs thwarted fitful rescue efforts as Americans watched the Big Easy dissolve before their eyes.

I watch the news coverage of New Orleans and am stupified. The damage from mother nature is over-whelming and unbelievable. I do not blame some of the people for trying to get food and in their time of crisis a store window is broken into for food products for themselves or their families.

I watched as a reporter interviewed a guy about the aftermath and his needs. The guy went on to say how his family needed food and he justified breaking into supermarkets to get food for the children and babies. As he spoke, the camera slowly panned out until we saw a 19 inch TV set in his hands. These are the exact people that the Governor claimed would be shot on site. "These troops are battle-tested. They have M-16s and are locked and loaded," Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco said on Thursday night. I thought, "Wow, about time." I guess it was all talk as I watched people in a convenience store stealing cases of beer while 2 uniformed guardsman stood and watched.

Enter Houston, Texas... From the Superdome to the Astrodome. The Mayor of Houston, Bill White stated that none of the nonsense from New Orleans would be tolerated. I guess my definition of that statement is a far cry from what the mayor meant. The refugees haven't been in Houston 24 hours yet and already they are walking around in the neighborhoods knocking on doors asking for food. I live about 15 minutes from the Astrodome... so far no one has knocked on my door.

If only these refugees would follow orders at the Astrodome, go to the bathroom IN the bathrooms and not on the corridor floors, people might even take them more seriously and sympathetic... Yes, I know they are in most dire straights, but they are being helped... why can't they see this? The bathrooms at the Astrodome could handle crowds of 40,000 during Astro games using the toilets... why not 10,000 refugees? Maybe I am too cynical as I get older... actually I think I have mellowed out as I get older.

Goddammit... I just knew, I was waiting... this morning on ABC's Good Morning America, they've shown black leaders now saying the rescue efforts are a black/white issue. They claim white people are being saved and black people are being ignored. Give me a fucking break! Just look at the Houston Astrodome... out of 10,000 people I haven't seen any white people there, except the volunteers and workers... everyone else is black. Do NOT turn this into a race thing... it's a human thing.

Observations and Questions
I am NOT anti-helping victims... far from it. Situations like this one really tends to bring out the good in people and the very worst in people. As of this writing we have spent almost 200 billion dollars in Iraq, building free homes, etc. Now is the time to bring back a few of those billions and rebuild the cities affected by this hurricane. Charity begins at home first!

Birth Announcements and Death Notices

Born in 1948, Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe, teacher/astronaut (the ill-fated Challenger). And in the dusty death notices we have in 1547, Hernan Cortes, Spanish general defeated Aztec Indians.

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