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29 September 2005

Wanted ...


ousekeeper. I took a look around my place last night and decided I either needed a Maid or pep pills. I discovered the following things wrong:

Dining Room: Piece of Stueben sitting on my dining room table that belongs in the china cabinet. I unpacked this from my "Escape the Hurricane" aborted tries. Been there since last Friday.

Living Room: Last nights dinner plate, etc. sitting on the coffee table. Assorted CD's over by the player scattered on the floor. Assorted, unread magazines on coffee table.

Bedroom: Clean laundry on floor from washday, last week, waiting to be folded. Vacuum cleaner sitting, plugged into the wall and ready for action. Spare bed pillow alongside the bed, on floor naked without a pillowcase. Bed made? hahahahahahaha

Office: Bottle of Kaboom Shower, Tub and Tile Cleaner on desk and I don't know why. Can of Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts. Elmer's Glue, assorted papers thrown all over the deak. Shoes, dungaree shorts and shirt on floor. Old monitor on floor. 2 empty picture frames on floor. Sneaks. Dirt Devil unplugged. A napkin stuck under the TV and ontop of VCR. Shrug. New laptop, plugged in and ready to go. Bag for laptop on floor. Empty laptop box sitting on floor. Pictures of old trip to Belize scattered on desk. Assorted mail: opened and not opened.

Kitchen: Sink filled with dishes, dishwasher filled with clean dishes. I don't understand why I can't simply empty the dishwasher when it's done washing.

Bathroom Oh please... I don't even want to look in there.

I am a neat person, honest. But junk has taken over my life and the worse thing is that I don't care. Now I know you're sitting there saying, "geez, that's not so bad" and that's the point, it's not that bad and I'm still not cleaning it up, putting it on shelves, folding it, putting it where it belongs or throwing it away. There it sits... waiting, staring me in the face. Defying me. Seriously, if I ever hired a cleaning girl, I'd have to run around and clean up before she got here. I'd be mortified.

Observations and Questions
Are you like this? I guess single people can get away with it more than married people.

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Born this date in 1935, Jerry Lee Lewis, singer (Great Balls of Fire, Breathless). Leading the pack in the death notices we find in 1970, Edward Everett Horton, actor/narrator, (Bulwinkle Show), dies at 84

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