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17 September 2005

What To Do...


hat to do.... Weekday blog items versus weekend blog items. Yes folks, the battle rages on over here at the Not So Normal News. Even though we I only have one employee here, which is me... the battle goes on every weekend and I'm tired of it. I've come to a decision, maybe... but I need want am begging for your input. We have 2 types of bloggers... those that work and blog from work but not at home. Then there are the diehards, that would blog in their sleep if they could, and I honestly think there are a few of you out there.

There is a significant drop in readership on the weekends. So now that presents a problem for me on how to proceed... do I continue to write a new, fresh article everyday of the week, including Saturday or Sunday, or as some of you have done simply abandon the blog on the weekends and start over on Monday morning? Readers who visit blogs but don't care to create a blog themselves may not understand this problem, but readers who do blog understand it only too well.

One of my major problems is that when I write my blog 7 days a week, am I wasting 2 blog articles on Saturday and Sunday? I could actually use those 2 articles during the week when I am scratching my head for ideas.

1. Continue blogging 7 days a week, with new writings every Saturday and Sunday? Even though most don't read them until Monday in work...

2. Stop writing altogether on the weekend? and take a break?

3. Start putting my travel adventures on the weekends? Write an article and just leave it for both days? That way on Monday people that are interested in my travelogues can simply go back and read them?

4. Repost some of my more interesting postings from the past? It doesn't matter if you think they are interesting or not, it's my blog.

Observations and Questions
Since I asked a bunch of questions above there's no need for a question here... except, how horny do you get on the weekends? Hornier on the weekends or weekdays?

Holy Crap Department
I just did something that I have never done before! Usually when I come across a music selection for the day's blog, I listen to it before putting it on here. So, I started listening, sat back in my chair, feet up on the desk and promptly fell asleep while listening to the music for today I FELL ASLEEP in my chair! Laugh... is it THAT boring?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born today in 1271, Wenceslas II, King of Bohemia & Poland. And in the death notices on this date, 1989, Jay Stewart, announcer on Let's Make a Deal, commits suicide. Geez Jay, the show wasn't THAT bad.

Art Gallery Notice!
Come on! Come on! Wait are you waiting for? You know you wanna do it!
hee hee hee

well i'm sorry to hear about your toilet paper fiasco, but i was guessing when you'd get to the nicks and cuts part. Anytime someone shaves before something important, there's a cut to be had. hee hee Did the date go well afterwards?

As for this blogging dilemma...

If your weekend went well, blog about it on monday morning, then continue with regular blogging. Personally, i don't blog on the weekends unless i'm bored, the same goes for reading. But it's refreshing to read stuff on monday morning, that was collected from the weekend.

So i say wait and write about it later. you won't have to worry about what to write if you let it marinate. ^_^

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