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19 September 2005

Would You Like a Left...


ender with those movie tickets, ma'am? Do you remember last Fridays' posting about a former girlfriend, Rita? Well, here is another little gem from those carefree days...

Do you remember the first time you borrowed your dad's car to go out? Wow, the first time you were actually driving alone... how cool is that? These are the times that you remember forever... and in this case, it's a nightmare to remember... well, for Rita, my girlfriend at the time, that is...

Remember from last weeks' article when I had my father's 1964 Ford Country Squire? Well, Rita had just passed her driving test and was legal to drive... according to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania anyway...

It had to be a Friday or Saturday night, I don't remember which now, but we decided to go to the Tacony-Palmyra Drive-In on Route 73 in Palmyra, New Jersey, which was right across the bridge from Taconey in Philly. All the other bridges going from Philly to Jersey charged 50 cents, while the good old Taconey charged a nickle!

It was a big night for Rita... so excited. I drove to her house, with memories of that first bloody date locked forever in my bad memory department of my brain. I was acting like I had a psychological compulsive disorder by constantly checking the mirror for toilet paper and razor cuts.

I arrived and parked my dad's car, very carefully. Me personally... I was such a good driver, except for that one night when I ran into a parked car at the end of my street... and scared the hell out of the driver and his passenger who were undressed in the back seat. That's another whole story. Anyways...

I knocked on the door and went in and everyone exchanged pleasant "hello's" In came Rita looking every bit of beautiful as she ever looked. Out the door and off we went. Neither of us with a care in the world in our hearts. What a night it was going to be... just the to of us in her car, parked in the back row of the drive-in. Life didn't get much better.

We turned into the drive way of the movie... we could see the huge outdoor movie screen looming ahead of us. Slowing down we carefully approached the little square toll-booth looking building. Rita was a very careful new driver... she wanted this landing to be picture perfect... "Honey, do you think I am too far away from the ticket window?" she asked. "Dunno" I replied as my mind was somewhere off in dreamland thinking about how dark the back row was going to be. I felt Rita turning the car ever so slowly to the left to get closer to the man looking out of the window in the little toll-booth ticket office.... then it happened: C R A S H My brain raced back to reality. Rita was stunned, the ticket man appeared completely stupified.

Rita happened to turn the wheel a tad too hard and crashed right into the ticket booth. Bricks and cement were flying everywhere. Holy crap!

She needed a lot of comforting after the ordeal. After exchanging paperwork, etc., we did get into the movie for free that night. Her car actually only had a little dent in the fender, amazing since she took out the corner of the ticket booth. Once in the back row, I comforted her as much s possible. And I swear to this day I don't know how her head got stuck between the arm rest and her seat... LOL

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