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29 October 2005

Am I Dreaming...


r am I awake? Jodie Foster was just about to lean over and ask me something when I realized I wasn't sitting next to her at a club, but was in my bed... well, I should say I woke up in A bed. I looked around the room and then realized I was awake.

I swear I was fully awake. Here's where it gets a little weird. As I looked around at the things on the wall, I knew I was in my bed. One problem... I couldn't figure out how to get out of my bed. Hey, stop chuckling, this is serious. lol...

Then I reached over onto my night-table to find the ashtray, which is odd because I never, ever smoke in the bedroom. My fingers came to find my glasses and I thought to myself that this was a strange and oddly shaped ashtray. I swear I am not making this up. The next thing I knew I was out of bed and standing there naked. The next problem hit me... how do I get out of this crazy room?

After looking around the room a dozen times, I finally spotted the door. Now here's the goofy part. As I walked through the door, I was in present mind. Know what I mean? I was really, really awake and fully cognizant. Now I am totally confused as to was I still sleeping before? or was I awake?

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Have you ever had goofy things like this happen to you? You're sane aren't you?

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