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15 October 2005

ANSWER: Lazy, Lazy, Lazy...


UESTION: In three words or less, how do you feel on this Saturday morning? Yes friends, I know... you can't believe it. I am professing to being lazy. However, being the trooper I am I feel compelled to write here today to show my allegiance to the thousands, hundreds, handful of loyal readers that get up early in the day and come here to be entertained.

Do I feel terrible about not having anything to spark your mind awake? Yes, I do... Do I care? Ummm not really. Laugh (of course I do)

To give you an idea of just how lazy I feel, I'm not even going to go buy my bagels this morning. I wonder if they deliver? I have a basket full of wash to do, which I normally do on Saturday mornings. Guess what? I've determined I can get by until next Saturday, when I am positive I'll feel peppier.

The dishwasher is full of clean dishes that I did last night, so I'll just pick and choose from there for today and put the rest away tomorrow. Tomorrow? OMG, it's Sunday and on Sundays I feel even lazier than I do on Saturdays. Oh wait, tomorrow is Mummy day. I wonder if I rented the movie The Mummy if it would be the same?

Good Lord... I just listened to the music I selected for today... it is so bad... I'm sorry, but you guessed it... I'm too lazy to change it.

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Do you ever just have "one of those days"?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1955, Tanya Roberts [Leigh], Bronx NY, actress (Charlie's Angels, Sheena). For some reason (ok, 2 reasons) I always liked that movie, Sheena. And in the death notices we find in 1917, Mata Hari, Dutch dancer/German spy, executed by firing squad in Paris.

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