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05 October 2005

The Bird Flu...


vian flu to be more exact I suppose. I've watched an small assortment of doctors, scientists and others talking about this flu that so far has been limited to birds. And there's always a "but"... BUT it could very easily spread to humans.

And supposedly it will have dire consequences since there is not enough vaccine to go around. Touted as being worse than the 1918 flu where somewhere between 20-40 million people died. At present there is only one company in the world making the vaccine and that is in Europe somewhere. Now, the U.S., supposedly with the most advanced minds in the world, only ordered 2 million doses because no one thought this flu a threat... Now those same minds are panicking because we can't get enough to give to every American. They're talking about using the military to block off and section off entire States and close down travel to and from these States should it (this flu) reach the U.S.

Geez, I already have a full plate regarding worrying about crap in the world. I just didn't need this...

Observations and Questions
Have you heard about this flu? Any thoughts?

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