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06 October 2005

Can Ya Speak Up Honey?...


esterday I came across an article that made me perk up and read it. I've re-printed the first few lines below:

"Now what?"

Baby boomers wrapping up careers - and peeking around the corner at life after 60 - are grappling with that mighty question.

As they search for a blueprint for the rest of their lives, they are, in typical boomer fashion, determined to reinvent retirement. Boomers, after all, have left their imprint - a societal tattoo of sorts - on every stage of life. By sheer numbers, they have elevated the ordinary progression of time into something phenomenal. Childhood. Parenthood. Work. Menopause. (The next sentence is the one that got me). And now old age... blah, blah, blah, blah.

And now old age???? Am I just a few years shy of being old aged? Geez... Then I started to think... does old age nowadays mean actual age? or state of mind? This confuses me... yes, I know confusion is one of the signs. LOL...

Nowadays, you can qualify for AARP at age 55. To me, my grandmother is old aged... she would have been 106 this year... I was going to be cute and end the article today with something like, "excuse me now why I go get some Geritol." then I thought... OMG, there are people reading this that don't have a clue what the hell Geritol is... or what it was/is since I don't know if they even make it anymore. OK, how about this "I gotta go cause my lumbago is acting up" Do we even have lumbagos in our body anymore?

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What's your definition of old age?

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