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13 October 2005

Flash From Fox News


oming on the heels of yesterday's article on Boobs... I see today that the Fox Network has cancelled Paris Hilton's TV show The Simple Life. Following Fox for awhile now, I realize that if your show gets fired from Fox, it must really, really, REALLY suck. Granted, I have never seen The Simple Life, but I have a feeling that it offered nothing more than expected glimpses of Paris's boobs. Not that there is much there to begin with... hey, I know what I speak of cause I saw her ummmm "video".

How does someone such as Paris fall into such projects? Now she's making movies, making perfume, recording, TV 'star', and whatever else. While listening to music to attach to today's blog I came across the song "Screwed" by Paris Hilton. It was soooooooo bad I wouldn't even subject y'all to a snipet... really.

Maybe I'm just jaded as I get older but I wouldn't even walk across the street to see her if she was butt naked calling to me. Ummm wait a minute... let's change that to I wouldn't even walk across the street to see her if she was fully clothed and eating a hot dog. ummm wrapping her tongue around a pickle, err sucking on a lollypop Well, let's just leave it at fully clothed.

Observations and Questions
Will you miss The Simple Life? Is there a show you would love to see canceled? What is your favorite TV show? Me personally, I enjoy CSI... the original show, not all the spinoffs.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1925, Margaret Thatcher, (Tory), British PM, (1979-90), aka the Iron Lady. And with a 'really big' notice we find in 1974, Ed Sullivan, TV host (Ed Sullivan Show), dies at 73.

Portrait Studio!
Come on! Come on! What are you waiting for? You know you wanna do it!
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