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10 October 2005

Good Monday Morning!


es here you are once again. You've made it to work, you're sitting there in front of the screen, browsing the blogs you love to read... and now here you are. I know, I know... you were expecting a funny, exiting, titilating entry today to perk you up for the rest of the day... Guess what?? It ain't gonna happen here either.

I have been wracking my brain all weekend trying to come up with something humorous, exciting, relevent to present to you today... right up to about 5 minutes ago when I started typing... and nothing... zippo, zilch. Yes, that's right... you've been reading my blog today and now we've gotten to the point in my writing where I have to lower the boom. I'm so sorry... oh who am I kidding... no I'm not. Laugh

WAIT! Stop the presses!!! I just got a brain storm! There has to be tons of bloggers out there that have items they WISH they could write about but are way too embaressed to put on their blogs. They fear friends will laugh at them, family will dis-own them... Hark! Denny Shane to the rescue!

That's right bloggers!! Leave a subject in the comments section at anytime or day... I will pick one and write about it as if it were my own idea! Cool, huh? It's a WIN/WIN situation... you get to read about somethng you've wanted to write about and for me because I actually have cleverly taken your idea and made it my own!

Observations and Questions
SO what are your ideas for future blog items here on the Not So Normal News?

Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi Canadians!! Happy Thanksgiving! Got a question: Did the Pilgrims land there also? And to our sexy French Canadians... Heureux d'action de graces! I sure hope I said the right thing there... lol

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1918, Thelonious Monk, jazz pianist (Monk's Dream). And in the death notices we find two favorites who not only died the same year, but the same day: in 1985 Orson Welles, actor, (Citizen Kane), dies at 70. And also in 1985 Yul Brynner, actor (King & I), dies of cancer at 70.

Art Gallery Notice!
Come on! Come on! What are you waiting for? You know you wanna do it!
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