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27 October 2005

Grandmom Did WHAT?...


or her birthday? First I am sorry I can't remember her name now... I've searched the news web sites and can't find it... but I swear it was on the news Tuesday night. Onto the story:

The woman, now called "Grandma" was getting ready for her birthday. Typically of older people she didn't know what she wanted to do and didn't need anything... then she decided she wanted to do something for herself that she always wanted to do... she practiced and got her driving license at 61 years old. I suppose that was impressive, but that's not what today's story is about.

"Grandma" celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, but this was different... she had 91 candles on the cake. Once again she didn't want any presents from anyone, and once again she did something for herself. She practiced and practiced and her big day came.

She boarded a plane... and then jumped out.

Yes, this 91 year old woman, sky-dived for the first time. Of course there was the usual jumpbuddy, but what the heck... I wonder what the 100th activity will be...

Observations and Questions
Kinda gives new meaning to the old phrase "oh stoppit, I'm too old to do that"

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1811, Issac Merrit Singer inventor. Can you guess what he invented? And in the dead files, in 1990 Xavier Cugat, bandlander, dies from heart failure at 90.

Portrait Studio!
Welcome Lisa as the newest member of the "Almost Normal Members of the Not So Normal Portrait Gallery" Everyone rush over to her blog and see her, Happiness is a Good Nap And I also want to point out a new, non-pictured, inductee into the gallery... Lisa. Please visit her at LisaBinDaCity
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