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18 October 2005

The Italian Stallion...


oming out of retirement, once last time. Yes folks, fellow former Philly pal Sly Stallone is resurrecting Rocky Balboa for one last fight. Using my abacus I believe this will be Number 6.

The first Rocky introduced everyone's favorite underdog, a blue-collar, journeyman puncher who goes a full 15 rounds with flamboyant champ Apollo Creed. It was also filmed entirely in my old neighborhood. The fish store that Adrian worked in is still there, and the boxing club where Rocky trained is right across the street, but closed down. It was really a bar called the Blue Moon.

Rocky II (Rocky takes title from Creed. Rocky III (Rocky loses title to Mr. T, then regains it in rematch). Rocky IV (Rocky goes to Russia, battles steroid-crazed Commie boxer Dolph Lundgren. Rocky V (1990), saw Stallone's alter ego come out of retirement and engage former protege Tommy Gunn (real-life boxer Tommy Morrison).

The story, in Rocky VI will pick up with the fictional prize fighter retired and a widower (no Adrian!), who, after resisting offers to return to the ring, reluctantly agrees to take on reigning world heavyweight champion Mason "The Line" Dixon.

Rocky III was pretty neat though. They threw an opening night party at the Phila. Art Museum in Philly, and I got to meet them all! Stallone was there as well as Talia Shire (Adrian - who has died in Rocky 6 - snif), Mr. T, and the rest of the cast. And guess who was invited? Yep, being in politics at the time I guess they thought they should invite me. Shrug. I had a great time that night, rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite.

The big shocker was when tough and tumble Mr. T got up to speak in his real voice. I was astonished as it was very quite high pitched... not the down low voice persona he uses on camera.

And so went my brush with Hollywood. And no one asked for my autograph.

Observations and Questions
Have you seen any of the Rocky movies? Like or Dislike? Will you see Number 6?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1933, Peter Boyle Phila, actor (Joe, Candidate - Everybody Loves Raymond) and also this date in 1926, Chuck Berry, St Louis, rocker. And it was lights out in 1931, for Thomas Alva Edison inventor, dies in West Orange, NJ, at 84.

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