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14 October 2005

Nesperennub, I See You...


nd I see you're all wrapped up right now, but could you give me a minute? This Sunday should prove really interesting for me and my two daughters. We're going to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see a 2,800 year old mummy who was named Nesperennub. We've all seen mummies so what's so special about this guy? He was a priest who lived in ancient Egypt around 800 B.C. and his mummy has remained sealed and unopened since the embalmers prepared him on the West Bank at Thebes.

He is the first mummy who has undergone a non-invasive computerized tomography (CT) scan. He's been digitally sliced into 1,500 slivers and then re-assembled. What does this mean? Aside from his sarcophagus with him inside... we will be able to see him completely without the scientist ever having to rip him open. In addition we will see a 3D movie and can explore the mummy inside the linen wrappings.

Even mummies have a funny side. When Neseperennub was being mummified, the embalmers accidentally left a bowl fill with resin and other things at his head. Don't ask me how but somehow his head got stuck in the resin bowl and they couldn't get it off his head. Any idea what they did? Yup, they wrapped his head "as is" and to this day the bowl is still stuck to his head! I'm sure the two embalmers looked at each other, laughed and said, "who's ever gonna know? " That is a riot!

When I told my daughters, the oldest (8) said apprehensively and real slow: "ummmm okay." and the youngest (6), "we can't see the real mummy?" (pout).

I've seen a few mummies in my life but the one I found most interesting was in Niagara Falls. He was completely out of his case and naked... completely naked and "everything" was on display, and I do mean "everything." I think prior to his death he instructed the embalmers that when he dies and being prepared they were to add a few inches here and there. I was shocked.

On Monday I'll tell you the results of this first visit for the girls to a real 'live' mummy.

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