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26 October 2005

Ok, I'll Reveal The Night I Spent...


n JR's bed... If you read the comments from yesterday you'll know who I am talking about. Several readers sent email wanting to know all the little dirty details... you perverts.

As many of you know I was the Marketing Director and Sales Mgr. for a resort, on an island, off the coast of Belize towards the end of one of my many occupations.

Anyway, I will not reveal who JR is for legal reasons and I don't care how much of a pretty woman she is... my lips are sealed. I'll not mention the name of the resort either because of the way I left their employ right after my heart attack.

JR showed up unannounced and checked in... word spread like wildfire. I immediately thought that it was time for me to go down to the property to make a 'property inspection'. It seems she was having some problems with her then boyfriend BP. Towards the end of her stay, guess who showed up? That's right me and BP. Guess who JR ended up sleeping with? Right, JP and not me. They were scene having breakfast together at our restaurant and dinners, etc at other places on the island. Fast-forward to check out day and they left... ummm not together.

Anyway after she left, I got an opportunity to check out the room with the maid as she prepared to clean up for the next guest.... which was me! :) Yes folks, that's when I turned into a full fledged pervert. Rolling around on the bed... there was even a hint of JR's perfume. MmmMMmmmmMMM! Of course being the good snoop that I am, I checked the waste-basket, but alas it was empty... many famous guest take their important trash with them for obvious reasons. Then I thought to myself, Denny get a grip.... you're an adult not some teenager. LOL SO I left and the maid cleaned the room after she rolled around on the bed also. NO, don't even go there.

Maybe next time I'll tell you about my night of drinking with one of country's hottest stars... LAR My lips are sealed.

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