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31 October 2005

Trick or Treat?...


es, once again this horror of horror holidays is upon us. I thought that I would let you in on a few events that have taken place and kinda/sorta blend in with the holiday. Enjoy!

Here is the TRUE history behind this incredible holiday!

A lot of Halloween customs come from Great Britain and Ireland. One is flinging things into a fire, such as stones and vegetables and nuts, in order to keep the spooks away.

People in the country cleaned out turnip or rutabagas or pumpkins and put a candle or coals inside to scare away evil spirits from their houses.

The Irish started trick or treat a long time ago because people were so poor. Farmers would go from door to door asking for food for the town. They promised good times for those who gave and threatened those who did not.

A Premonition With A Bang

A successful merchant from Oxford, Maryland, Robert Morris, one day in 1750, woke up from a bad dream with the knowledge that if he went outside that day, he would be shot and killed. Unfortunately one of his ships was in port and it was a custom for the owner to have dinner on the ship with the captain. Morris told the captain about his dream, but the captain insisted that he come for dinner. Morris decided to go. He took a small boat out to the ship and had a wonderful time. When dinner was over Morris got into his small boat and as he was returning to shore, the crew of the ship fired a salute of loyalty, which accidentally blew Morris small boat out of the water. Robert Morris the son later signed the Declaration of Independence.

Haunting Business Opportunities

The house in The Fall River, Massachusetts, where Lizzie Borden hacked up her parents, has become an inn. There have been stories of lights being switched on and off. There have been stories of eerie presences and ghostly sighting. In spite of this, every room in the inn has been reserved a year in advance even with a price tag of two hundred dollars a night.

An Experiment of Hair Raising Proportions

The Earl of Cranbrook, in Britain, in 1959, tested the old legend that if a bat becomes entangled in a womans hair that it has to be cut in order to free the bat. There were three women who volunteered to let him thrust bats into their hair. He used four different kinds of bats and each time they were able to get out of the womens’ hair without assistance.

The Cat Who Survived and Came Back

An elderly gentleman, Henri Villette, from Alencon, France, wanted to get rid of his cat so he put his cat in a sack and threw it into the Sarthe River. While throwing the sack in, Mr. Villette stumbled and fell into the river himself and drowned. The cat was able to get out of the sack and swim to safety.

A Vampire Death in Modern Times

A Polish immigrant, in Stoke-On-Kent, England, in 1973, was terrified that he would be attacked by a vampire. He took tremendous efforts to protect himself, by placing bags of salt between his legs and by his head, before he went to sleep. He even put a clove of garlic in his mouth. When he fell asleep, he swallowed the clove and choked to death.

Knifed Is Not Terrific

A twenty three year old, Ernest Pecek, from Parma, Ohio, in 1981, wanted to have a very special Halloween costume for a Halloween party. He chose to be a vampire and wanted a knife coming out of his chest with blood on his shirt. He went to work devising his costume. He tied a board to his chest, over his heart and stuck a two sided knife in the board. What a terrific costume. We dont know if he fell or hammered the blade in too deep, but the blade went through the board and pierced his heart, killing him.

Fried Egg

In Franklin, Pennsylvania, in 1994, on Halloween, some teenagers tossed eggs at an electrical substation. One of the eggs caused an arc between two transformers. There was a large fireball which caused a blackout which left 8000 people in the dark.

Booze Spoils Boos

In Tichigan, Wisconsin Otto Ashpole and his young wife, Mary, wanted to go trick or treating in a different way so instead of asking for candy, they asked for booze. Apparently, they were given a lot of the booze treat. Mary fell over a railroad tie used for landscaping and broke the glass she was wearing around her neck. The glass fragments cut her throat open and she bled to death.

Dracula Wants Your Blood

Ottoman Rudolphe Vlad Dracul Kretzulesco is the heir to the title of Vlad Dracula, the figure Bram Stoker used for his Dracula. The current Vlad Dracula is interested in collecting blood just as his ancestor did, but the difference is that he is a Red Cross volunteer. At his castle, outside Berlin, in 1999, he had a blood drive and he dressed in a black cape. More than eight hundred people showed up to donate blood to Draculas heir.

Observations and Questions
So... are you going out tonight? What type of treat do you hand out to the goblins?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Died this date in 1926, Erich Weiss, better known as magician Harry Houdini, dies in Detroit.

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