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28 November 2005

Answer: Celtic Woman...


uestion: What do Chloe, Deirdre, Lisa, Mairead, Meav and Orla all have in common? Individually they all have beautifully exquisite voices. And all together it's heaven.

Saturday night found me really restless... I didn't feel like going out... no one to chat with on the computer... not even a decent flick on the scifi channel. I accidentally clicked on PBS... it didn't take long to realize it was by no accident... it was fate so to speak. I've heard of them but not actually sat and listened to them...

Together they form Celtic Woman. ... and their voices simply blew me away. You may have gathered by coming here that I love music... and these girls have definitely jumped into my top 5. It's funny how music plays an important part in our lives. It's everywhere and it effects all of us. There's an old story that when Ravel's Bolero was played for the first time in Paris, the entire left bank broke out and was making love to each other.

Observations and Questions
Who is your favorite artist? When you hear their music you simply relax and go off into another world?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1967, Vickie Smith, Houston TX, playmate (May, 1992). And in the death notices we have in 1939 James A Naismith, creator of basketball, dies at 78.
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