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19 November 2005

The Butler...


idn't Do It... or did he? You'll never know if you don't visit our section over on the left side of this blog. Are you an author? or a wannabe-author? Just enjoy reading fresh material from fellow bloggers?

The Butler Didn't Do It will fill all of those needs. It's really neat, I think. Some authors have put their works in progress there to get reaction from readers in order to change the story line around, etc. You should check it out! It's free... just go, sign up for a free account and start posting if you want, or be content to read. And if you are either a budding author or published we would love to hear from you...

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1962, Jodie Foster, Bronx NYC, actress (Taxi Driver, Accused). And in the musical death notices we find in 1828 Franz Schubert Austrian composer, died. (Today's Musical Selection)
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