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02 November 2005



es gang, that's exactly where I am going... Crazy! If you are a regular visitor to my humble blog, you know the problems I have been having with my two younger daughters and trying to organize our trip to the Museum of Natural Science and the mummy museum display of Nesperennub.

You need to reserve spaces for this special tour. I made the reservations the first week and my one daughter got sick with 5th Disease. So I canceled and made the reservations for the next Sunday. On Thursday of that week, my ex forgot to tell me that my youngest daughter was in a dance at school on that Sunday.

I had to call and reschedule again. I looked at the calendar and saw that the following Sunday was the day before Halloween. I was going to be smart this time. I figured the day before Halloween, I am sure they would have something to do... I didn't make reservations and I was right. They both had parties to go to... So, I made reservations again, for this Sunday... I think they know my voice by heart at the Museum now. Anyway, everything was set and reservations made for Sunday at 11AM. Finally we were going to see the High Priest in person.

You would think huh? I should have known better... I forgot to look at the calendar. I looked yesterday and it's my youngest daughter's 7th birthday on Friday... which means her birthday party will be on Saturday or Sunday. Now I have to hold my breath until after I find out today sometime on which day the party will be held.

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Have you ever had problems like this trying to make plans and they go terribly awry?

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Born this date in 1755, Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France. And in the death notices we find in 1980, Edith Bunker, the TV character, not the actress, dies on "All in the Family".

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