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21 November 2005

Did Anyone...


atch the season finale of HBO's "Rome" last night? It had a couple things wrong with the ending. Yeah, yeah I know Caesar is brutally murdered in the end. After the Senators all got a lick at him and he lay dying on the Senate floor... and then it was Brutus' turn to stab him... I waited and waited for Caesar's last words "et tu Brute'?" (and you also Brutus?) But the words never came. Brutus stabbed Caesar and he died. Not even so much as an utterance of the famous words. However, I have to admit it was one of the best death scenes I've ever seen on TV.

But poor Caesar's death wasn't the shocker... if you watched it you probably know where I am going. The beautiful Niobe kills herself by falling off the balconey of her house after her hubbie finds out that his supposed grandson is actually her son by her brother-in-law. This daliance just happened while Vorenus was off conquering France. How could she die???? How could they kill her off???

I was under the impression that this series was a one time deal. Just this season. But then I saw in the TV listings something like "Season 1"

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